About me!

I love old photos.  One of my favorite things as a kid was to look at old photos -- my mother's, my grandmother's, my great grandmother's!  I love old photos so much that I collect and display them in my home.  I'm particularly fond of wedding portraits, and portraits of women and children.  The sets!  Clothing!  Hats!  Hairstyles!  Jewelry!  Shoes!

The thing about photographs is that it really doesn't take long before they become "old" -- treasured, priceless, full of emotion and memory.

Photography sparked my interest when I was a girl, watching my dad with his various cameras -- notably an amazing Polaroid Land Camera and a Super-8 movie camera.  He loved the instant results and hands-on aspect of the Polaroid; I was intrigued by the process and the magic of photographs developing before my very eyes!  Today, I am still intrigued by the process and all the possibilities of the digital age.

My first passion is as a mother.  I think the maternal streak helped steer my creative endeavors to focus on infant and child photography -- my own three girls are nearly grown, and I don't see grandchildren on the horizon yet!  I haven't had my fill of babies and kids!

I also take photographs of other things that interest me.  I knit, garden, work on my home and cook, so I take a lot of photographs of yarn, plants, my house and food!

I enjoy learning, doing and exploring things that I am interested in, that are meaningful and fulfilling to me, and I enjoy sharing them with others... I am looking forward to sharing them with you!


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