Things to know!

My approach is natural.  I may gently guide and pose a few frames, but I'll spend most of my time just talking with you and getting to know you, maybe crack a joke or two.  My goal is to capture real people -- doing real things, displaying real smiles, showing real emotion -- and to create real memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

If you have ideas or specific poses in mind, or special items you'd like to include, please let me know!  If you don't have any specifics in mind, that's fine too!

Session tips

RELAX! Let your kids be kids!  I will not be rushing you, so please allow your children time to get comfortable with me.  Whether we're at the park, your home or my studio, they will need a few minutes to figure it all out.  Also, please give yourself a bit of a cushion and arrive on time.  If you are late, you will naturally be stressed and that'll stress out the kids and then I'll get all stressed out, and it just won't be a good experience for anyone -- no one wants tears.  It will help to prepare as much as you can the night before; simply setting out things you will need or readying the clothes for your session will save time, effort and anxiety on the day of our session.

Sick kids don't want to be photographed!  If your child is under the weather as our session date approaches, please call at your earliest convenience to reschedule.

Clothing tips

The best advice:  Keep It Simple!

Wear colors that compliment your skin tones; try not to wear colors that will wash you out or that may be too dark in images, but don't drown yourself in white, either.

Wear colors that compliment each other, especially in family or group portraits.  Colors do not have to perfectly match, but it works best if they are in the same tonal range.

Bring fun and funky accessories if you like them!  Hats, boots, scarves, necklaces -- if it's "you," bring it!

Be true to your own style.  We want to make memories of you and wearing clothing that shows off who you are -- whether that's trendy, hip, funky, classic, western, traditional, romantic, sporty -- is important!

Did I mention Keep It Simple?  Bright, fun, and funky colors and patterns are terrific and there's definitely a place for them, but for the most part we want the attention on the subject -- capturing those amazing eyes and that big, beautiful smile.

Newborn tips

Babies are unpredictable and no two sessions will be the same -- I know this!  We may need to stop for a feeding, or for several feedings; your baby may sleep the entire time, or not at all.  I am in no rush and will work at your pace -- more importantly, I will work at your little one's pace.  Please don't worry about how your baby will be!

A full belly makes a happy baby!

Clothing should be kept very simple -- they want to have as few outfit changes as possible.  Bring an outfit that you may want to use, but most infant and newborn portraits will be done with the baby swaddled, diapered, or naked.

Bring or wear a black shirt for poses that may be done in parents' arms.

Accidents happen!  Bring plenty of diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for all!

Let me know if you have any "must" shots or something specific that you have in mind.  Feel free to bring props or personal items that you may wish to incorporate, such as a special blanket, an item from your child's room, or a family heirloom.

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